Minecraft DayZ Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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DayZ on its own has a lot of ways similar to minecraft. You try to survive by finding what the world is offering you. With this Mod the DayZ world comes to minecraft itself. Fight against zombies and survive as long as possible. There are a lot of Minecraft mods coming out all the time, but the Dayz mod for Minecraft is a uniquely created mod that is worth talking about and you’re sure to be downloading after reading this review.

After the world is generated you are then awaken. You are alone in a land which is baron and has been thoroughly destroyed. The story line is simple; the world has been ravished by an unknown type of virus and has infected everyone but you! Your mission is to survive as long as possible.

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There are many new items which you can use, such as barbwire, shotgun, bandages and many other weapons to help you fend off the waves of zombies, bandits and zombie creatures which will try and eat you. But, many of the new items are limited and can only be found in chests, which will challenge you to use them strategically. As your exploring the Dayz mod for Minecraft, towers and houses will spawn in the game, which will provide you with new items and a place to make a stand against the zombie hordes and bandits.

The Dayz mod for Minecraft makes several changes to the features in Minecraft to add greater realism and feel to the game. You will find items and mobs spawn differently, and the new world generator produces huge rivers and unique village layouts that you are sure to enjoy. Chests in the game re-spawn with items, so going back from time to time to get resupplies is helpful. But, don’t destroy the chests because they will not re-spawn. If you like fighting zombies with your friends, then you will find the Dayz mod for Minecraft is definitely for you. The best thing about this mod is that you have to be resourceful and use the limited items you find to survive as long as you can. Good luck!

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