MineColony Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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The Minecolony mod for Minecraft is a modification that allows players to build colonies within the game. You can build small towns and villages in Minecraft with this mod. If you didn't already know, Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that came out in 2009. You can craft, explore, gather, and do combat in the world of Minecraft.

It has a few different settings such as survival, creative, and hardcore. In the survival mode you need to gather resources to stay alive, in the creative mode you have all the resources you need, and in the hardcore mode your progress is deleted if you die. Minecolony can help you be more successful in Minecraft.

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What exactly does Minecolony do?

Minecolony basically lets you build a village in Minecraft. The purpose of creating a settlement is so that you don’t have to do all the work. When you start building settlers start to appear. They are your citizens and you tell them what to do. As you build you can upgrade the buildings (so you can go from village to town and so on). When you get citizens you can tell them to hunt, woodcut, mine, and farm. You basically wouldn’t have to do tedious work, but you would have to pay your citizens enough money as well. There are other cool things you can do too like set tax rates. Your citizens would have to pay taxes because you’re in charge. The number of your population is also unlimited. The more you build the more citizens you get.

Overall, the Minecolony mod will help you get ahead in Minecraft. You wouldn’t have to do all the work yourself, which is sweet! You would also have more responsibilities. You would have to assign tasks, set taxes, and pay your citizens; but it’s worth it.

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