Mine Mine Mi Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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This particular mod allows you to tweak your Minecraft experience by adding the iconic "Devil Fruits" and characters of One Piece to your gameplay experience. One Piece is currently the best-selling manga of all time, known for pirates as the heroic characters and for the magical Devil Fruits that can give a person special powers at the cost of being able to swim.The Mine Mine no Mi mod for Minecraft adds a large variety of new mobs to the game, all of which have a chance to drop one of 25 different varieties of Devil Fruits; some of which can even grant one of three "Haki" forms.

This mod adds generic pirate and Marine mobs to the game, as well as mobs for Coby, Shu, Alvida, Pearl, Gin, Bastille, Momonga, Ronse, Smoker, Stainless, Strawberry, Kuroobi, Chew, Krieg, Pacifista, Witcher, Arlong, Mihawk, and Lucci; all characters from the One Piece manga and anime.

  • Devil Fruits The meat of this game are these magical foods. Consuming one gives you between one to four different abilities, known as Devil Fruit powers. Devil Fruits can be acquired in one of two ways:1.) You find them randomly generated in the chests of ships that you encounter on the open seas.2.) Defeat a Devil Fruit user while possessing at least one apple in your inventory. The apple will turn into a randomly generated Devil Fruit.
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