Mine Little Pony Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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Change your look into one of a pony. The cleverly named Mine Little Pony modification for Minecraft combines two internet trends, particularly the creative game Minecraft and the phenomenally popular "Friendship is Magic" reboot of the classic television series. By adding new predefined structures, character themed player skins and new movement options such as flight and holding and manipulating objects using magic, players are able to play their own interactive My Little Pony episode with friends online.

These include but are not limited to Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinky Pie. By editing the game’s skin files and model designs, players can also create their own unique fan characters to play as.

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In order to make players without the Mine Little Pony client side files able to join in, player skins are backward compatible with the originals. The chosen face design will be drawn onto a typical humanoid Minecraft character. Although the game will not take on the new visual design, players will still be able to mine, fly and interact with other players.

Mine Little Pony was recently upgraded to its latest version. This version contains visual improvements, bug fixes, improves compatibility with the “Forge” and “Spout” Minecraft modification programs and adds numerous features requested by players. Visually, the capes have now been fine tuned so that they do not “clip” through the characters’ hair. Contributors to the Brohoof Minecraft server, on which this mod runs, earn players custom capes that they can add to their in-game character. These can be custom designed by the player and are attached and removed in the Character Configuration screen.

Because the in-game characters do not have hands and cannot usually manipulate objects in the traditional sense, Mine Little Pony instead imitates the “magical” way the characters interact with objects in the original television show. Objects hover in front of the character in a little cloud of “magic”. This also allows players to work with objects such as maps, pickaxes and individual building blocks when they are flying. This helps ease the process of building structures considerably over the original Minecraft approach. Much like “Creative Mode,” players can fly about without needing to stand on a supporting structure. Although it can be rather confusing for new players to see characters hovering thousands of feet up in the air and building enormous structures, the benefits of this approach become apparent almost immediately.

Mine Little Pony supports armor in the same manner it was utilized on the original humanoid characters. This makes players able to “trick out” their pony with diamond armor and other accouterments. Whether you enjoy Minecraft for its creative elements and free-form design aspects or for its combat system and competitive nature, you are likely to find Mine Little Pony a great deal of fun to play. With its whimsical nature and colorful design, it is sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages.

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