Mine and Blade Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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Mine and Blade is a Minecraft mod which allows your character to wield equipment in both hands at the same time. Furthermore, you can have up to 3 preset equipment setups, such as a shield and sword, pickaxe and torch, etc which you can switch to with the R key.

The mod even adds a good variety of new Medieval weapon types to make things more exciting.

Although this mod makes sense that having two hands means you can hold two items, it still obeys common logic. In other words, you can’t carry two items at the same time if you’ve got a Spear or a Bow actively equipped. The mod also modifies your character’s avatar if you have a shield in one of your 3 hot-keyed equipment pairs. When a shield set is “dormant,” the shield can be seen splayed across your avatar’s back with any weapon or major tool linked to it appearing along your avatar’s side.

Another point about shields (available in Wood, Leather, Gold, and Diamond flavors) is that while you gain the ability to block with various shields, thus providing you with total immunity to damage in a 180 degree field around your character (so a shield is worthless when struck from behind). However, you can only keep a shield out to block for so long. The length that you can sustain shield use is explained by a simple Block Bar that decreases with prolonged use. However, this bar refills when you’re not actively blocking and can be enchanted to last longer or decrease at a slower rate. Furthermore, you cannot attack while you are using a shield to block; the only thing that pressing attack while blocking accomplishes is a shield bash, which sends enemies back a bit and decreases your block meter.

Other than shields, the Mine and Blade mod also gives you the option of crafting:

  • Clubs or Maces. Enemies are stunned for three seconds.
  • Quarterstaves.
  • War Axes.
  • Spears. Can hit farther away, but deal less damage than other weapons.
  • Knight’s gear. Helmet, Armor, Leggings, all of which can be dyed different colors.
  • Quivers. An equipped item that can hold up to 256 arrows away from your main inventory.
  • Chain. Crafted from Iron Ingots and used to make Chain Links (a necessary component of Knight’s gear after crafting items such as Chain Helm, Chain Boots, or Chain Mail armor).

The Mind and Blade mod also offers decorative banners and coats of arms to display (made by stacking two blocks of Wool above a Stick). Like everything else in this mod, the banners are excellent for a new castle project.

Downloads for Mine and Blade Mod 1.8.1, 1.8, 1.7.10

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