Mice Workers Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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The creation process can be time-consuming and at times a player may wish to speed up the repetition of building. That is the moment when mice workers mod will be most useful. When using this mod you will have the ability to place one of the worker’s blocks and by clicking it with the appropriate tool you will bring the spawning of a worker to fulfill the task.

The mice worker mod enables the player to literally do two things at once, by multi-tasking they will have the thrills reach a momentum like no other.

What Mice Worker Can Do

Placing a crafting block in the creation of a worker will help in many points of play. For the farmer an extra hand will help to stop the frustration in their inability to walk on any row which hinders the farming of all the rows. Mining by using mice workers will also help to produce more textures and products. This is a marvelous addition to the basic minecraft game with all the possible upgrades for your mice workers.

Instances For Use of Mice Workers;

  • cut trees
  • mine
  • farm
  • trade
  • get lumber

Expand your gaming experience with the use of mice workers so you can spend more time exploring.

Downloads for Mice Workers Mod 1.4.7

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