MCMMP Mod Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The MCMMP mod pack for Minecraft combines many different mods together. The advantage to this is that the player may then load any of the given maps when they desire. This makes playing modded Minecraft games more enjoyable because of the fact that the user does not have to reset the game mode each time before they're able to reload a new Minecraft mod.

The MCMMP mod includes options that give the player added abilities, functions and also presents many Minecraft mods that are all collaborated into one pack.

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MCMMP Mod Pack Gameplay

The MCMMP Mod pack consists of mods like the API Forge Editor which allows the player to create and edit mods for Minecraft alongside enhancing the gameplay by labeling mods so they can be created easier. Other API’s included are the Player API and the GUI API and they allow the user to change attributes of the character player and the user interface of the Minecraft menus. Other useful gameplay mods that are included in this package are inventory mods, spawning mods and many other beneficial mods. Other gameplay mods allow some processes to be automated or give the user the option of editing the map.

MCMMP Mod Pack Features

Some features of the mods are the option for the player to add minimaps, powerups, add information to the game, control mobs, give objects the ability to defy physics, control damage counter and others. Still other mods give players the option of holding a larger inventory, possessing rare items, adding enchantment options and capabilities to use tools. While some mods in the MCMMP mod pack may enhance or add features to the gameplay within the Minecraft games, some of the features also aid other mods in working correctly. Some mods are programmed to provide specific plugin support for some mods and support other mods in operating correctly in conjunction with the Minecraft game.

Downloads for MCMMP Mod Pack 1.8.1, 1.8, 1.7.10

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