McBot Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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The Mcbot mod is a powerful and dynamic mod that allows your character to move and pan the camera without you needing to do anything. It does not lock your computer, giving you freedom to watch or walk away as the Mcbot explores new areas of the world and does just a bit of the dirty work.

Automation is not a clear-cut issue. Real high-end automation features allow you to build, grow, and expand your game without really doing the heavy work it takes to get that done. The Mcbot is really high-caliber, with an arsenal of many automated features that can allow you to sit back and watch. Even further, the mod does not force you to lock your screen. You can create a tiny window in the corner and watch the Mcbot mod for Minecraft pan your camera and move about as you watch a movie or surf the web.

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It is a powerful modulation that has few bounds, and many see it is a cheating method. like boosting, automating means you are gaining something without really doing anything. Does everyone remember the rare Candy glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue that allowed you to almost immediately boost a Pokemon to level 100? That glitch was not a mod obviously, but it altered the game forever. The Mcbot mod is similar, and if harnessed properly, can do the same sort of thing.

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