Level Up Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

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Many video games now have skill systems that depict various abilities. The Level Up Mod adds several such skills to the game and allows you to give your character a stat sheet that to track progress within Minecraft.Rather than add a massive list of crafting recipes, the Level Up Mod for Minecraft adds several skills, all of which can be increased.

As a skill’s level rises, so do its benefits. Every “level up” grants 3 skill points. Skills grant one benefit on a 1:1 ratio and a separate benefit for every 5 points invested.

  • Mining Raises the chance of 2x drops from mining and reduces mining times
  • Swords Raises sword damage and critical hit chances.
  • Defense Raises chance to negate damage from blocking and reduces damage from blocked attacks.
  • Woodcutting Raises the chance of 2x drops from chopping and reduces times to break logs and planks.
  • Smelting Raises the chance of 2x drops and reduces smelting times.
  • Archery Raises arrow speed and reduces draw speed.
  • Athletics Increases sprinting speed and reduces fall damage.
  • Cooking Increases chances of cooking 2x food and reduces cooking times.
  • Stealth Increases sneak speed and reduces detection chances.
  • Farming Increase growth times and the chance of 2x wheat drops. Can always craft 1 pumpkin with 4 seeds.
  • Fishing Increases fishing success and chance to fish up a random item.
  • Digging Increases chance of finding random drops beyond 60 depth and chances of finding flint from gravel. Can always craft 4 flint into 4 gravel.

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