Kingdoms of The Overworld Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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What is it kingdoms of the overworld mod introduces a ton of new items to the Minecraft world, without any real theme or limitations three editions, it simply a mod for the sake of creativity. It consists of structures, mobs, bosses, items, and blocks. This mod is compatible with multiplayer servers, and can be used with other players.

New biome modifications have also been introduced, like fully built , and inherently complicated villages, and snow biomes of the new sort. Also introduced the modification, comes prebuilt cave lairs, and somewhat mysterious, and accessible cloud fortresses.Another key change that was made was the introduction, new enemies and NPCs, like scientists, ginn, chipmunks, drine, and many more. Each possessing their own individual actions and stats , this mod introduces a new set of challenges for any player.

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Why you need it.With the introduction of new gear, NPCs, and biome modifications, this mod does a lot to add the playability of the game. With a substantial change to in-game variants, exploring the world becomes far less predictable and a whole lot more exciting. Its popularity with every player who wants to spice things up a bit, compels me to recommend this mod for pretty much everybody was growing a little bit tired the same old monotonous routine. In conclusion if there’s anything to be said, that this is one of the few mods out there that will, and to your Minecraft experience, without taking away from anything.

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