Kingdoms of Amalur Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The Kingdoms of Amalur mod combines the complex world of Amalur with the simplistic nature of Minecraft. Battle new creatures with unique weapons from the Amalur universe, and customize your play style. The KoA mod expands on an already addictive gaming experience. Destiny Cards make a comeback in this mod.

Like in Amalur, Destiny Cards create a set of perks that cater to your style. Charge enemies as a warrior, take a stealthy approach as an assassin, or manipulate the elements as a mage. Whichever you choose, the mod provides abilities to help you on your way.

Wield New Weapons

This mod offers new ways to defeat your foes. Faeblades allow you to string together speedy combos. Charge them up for a flurry of attacks. Assassins make good use of daggers, which can silently take out enemies. For those with a heavier hand, hammers and broadswords provide a powerful punch. Staffs give mages the ability to amplify their magic. Each weapon gives the user a variety of fighting methods reminiscent of Kingdoms of Amalur.

Mold Materials from Amalur

No longer are you limited to crafting with a small selection of materials. The Kingdoms of Amalur mod for Minecraft gives you many materials to work with. Added crafting materials include:

  • Azurite: a weaker, less rare material than sylvanite that can be used to make weapons.
  • Sylvanite: most commonly used for shields and heavy armor, sylvanite is a tough material. It is also good for weapon crafting in all classes.
  • Prismere: the second strongest material in the mod, prismere makes for high quality weapons and armor.
  • Ebony: the rarest and strongest crafting material. It is harvested from ebony trees and is very versatile and valuable.

The Tuatha

The villains from Amalur wreak havoc in Minecraft. Not only do the Tuatha seek your destruction, other mobs also impede you. Brownies, ettins, leanashes, and several more familiar creatures will try to end you in this mod. Use your new-found abilities and weapons to save yourself and continue on your quest.

This mod is a revitalizing take on the classic Minecraft world. RPG elements mingle with Minecraft’s controls and visuals to create a vastly different experience. If you want to add depth to your Minecraft game, then the Kingdoms of Amalur mod is a good choice.

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