Jerry’s Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Jerry's Mod is a program for Minecraft, named in honor of a "pet" slime kept by the player of a Let's Play channel on Youtube. True to it's namesake, this mod adds slime weapons, armors, and items to the game. As it is a work in progress, not all of the features are implemented yet and the mod itself will be released in full once the character is licensed.

These items have that glossy green luster one would expect from something slimy. The Jerry Armor set will have infinite durability to compensate for it’s exorbitant item cost. Also new to the game will be olive trees, grass that gives off light and the ability to tame slimes as the other domestic pets.

To craft these items, slime shards will have to be made by combining the slime ores with diamond and gold ingots. These can be refined into slime gems by surrounding another diamond with several shards. From this, the standard slime set items can be crafted. For an even greater challenge, the slime gems can be refined one more step by surrounding an entire diamond block with them. This creates the Jerry Gem, which is the basis for the mod’s signature set.

Adding a quirky element to the game based on a pop culture character within the game’s fan base, Jerry’s Mod for Minecraft is forthcoming source of amusement which will broaden the game’s recipe collection and a light hearted sense of fun.

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