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Jammy Furniture Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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Have you ever wanted more options for decorating your house in Minecraft? Tired of the same old look? Jammy Furniture Mod for Minecraft allows you to add all sorts of cool looking furniture and decoration items to your house so that you can give it your special touch.

What do you get?

With Jammy Furniture Mod you get all sorts of recipes for crafting furniture for your house in Minecraft. You can make a fridge, lamp, kitchen or bathroom cupboards, sinks, chairs, sofas and even mob heads to mount on your wall that make mob sounds. You can actually sit in the chairs and sofas as they are not just decoration but usable furniture. There are many more pieces of furniture you can make that will decorate all the rooms in your house and make it a home. You can even make blinds for your windows if you want.

Decorate inside and out

With all the useful pieces of furniture and decorations in this mod you will be sure to make each room the way you want it. Make your dream kitchen with the cupboards, sink, cooker and fridge. Decorate your living room or family room with chairs, tables and sofas. You can even make a bathroom with the cupboards, sink and even a toilet! There is a lot of cool looking furniture for you to decorate your house with but they did not stop at that. For those who like the outside of their house to look cool they added gutters, window boxes and roof pieces.

Get the Jammy Furniture Mod today and start having fun decorating your Minecraft house for minutes or hours to get it to look like house you would want to live in.

How to download & install:

  1. Download the file from below.
  2. Install Minecraft Forge.
  3. Move the downloaded zip file into the .minecraft/mods/ folder.
  4. Delete META-INF.
  5. Enjoy!

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Download Page for Jammy Furniture Mod
  • jbox345

    is there a tp for this mod

  • Ginx

    Dude i need the updated for 1.4.2 plz

  • Whacko Jacko

    Crashes my 1.4.6 ??? Whats the dealio?

  • asdfadsfasfdasf

    Wow seriously Google gave me this website for “1.4.7″ but this is really 1.4.5 fuck you waste of time.

  • bosss

    how i download it

  • Lololololol

    Do I need The Forge thing?


    i have q. WHY DOES EVERY MOD NEED DANG FORGE!?!? why cant it just be MODLOADER

    • Destroyer

      Damn Modloader Asshole the forge is the popular minecraft mod loader!And the modloader is a piece of shit!It does not show you how many mods you have so you cant know if that mod is loaded :P !

    • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.mora.1614 Joshua Mora

      Same Here.Message Me For Questions.

  • Dakota Pederson

    this crashes my minecraft! Please fix

  • Destroyer

    Guys!Just download the forge and google “Free download id resolver mod for minecraft 1.4.7″ and then it will show up something on minecraft forum download GuiApi and download IDresolver (Put both .jar files into your coremods folder.Works only for newer versions 1.4.7 etc.)

  • ferkiller

    it works with the 1.5.1 version?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.mora.1614 Joshua Mora

    If You Need To Update Then, Go To Options When You Open Minecraft App,Not When You Start It,When You Open It,Then Click The Button That Says,”Force Update” Then Open Minecraft And It Updates To The Latest Minecraft Update.And Mods Dont Work And Might Break Your Computer If Your Minecraft Version Isn’t The Latest One Like 1.5.1 Or “META-INF” Folder Hasn’t Been Deleted.Mods May Be Compatible If,For Example:You Download A 1.2.5 Mod And Your Version Is 1.4.7. It MIght Work.Any Questions? Please Contact Me On Facebook.

    Name:Joshua Mora

    Thank You!

    • dert

      lmao caps before every word? wth?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.mora.1614 Joshua Mora

    Click On My Name To Go To My Profile And Please Message Me For Questions.

  • dave

    it makes my game crash :( and i REALLY WANT IT! i even put up with all the wierd gimmincs before i could download

  • sam

    where can i downlad this

  • darvad12

    how to install

  • demen99

    is it compatible with modloader?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolffar Norman Deanu Ambrosio

    Crashes my 1.5.1. When I try to access the cooker.

  • Version?

    What version is this for?

  • cookiecakelord


  • skelodude

    it doesnt crash my minecraft

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.taylor.129142 Jonathan Taylor

    does it work for 1.5.2 ?

  • yow

    is it compatible with 1.5.2

  • genevieve

    why the chairs table and etc. are not working but only the crafting side?
    that is in survival… but if creative it appears and working…


    love this mod xx

  • Im lvl 14499 in minecraft!

    will it uptade to 1.5.2? please?

  • lilla

    were do u download it

  • Jesperhino

    chrashes on minecraft 1.5.2 windows 8

  • EnderBoy


  • Avengers Maquina DE Guerra Cas

    es muy bonito un salud los que que qrearon este mod

  • Killien

    Does it.work with 1.6.2

    • angelina51534

      it crashes on 1.6.2

      • Jack Boaknin

        delete meta-inf

  • sknet

    ya salio para la 1.6.2¿?

  • Audotronic minecraft


    • Jack Boaknin

      did you delete META-INF?

      • hi

        i cant minecraft crashes when i do that

        • Jack Boaknin

          dont open minecraft keep it closed THEN delete Meta-INF K?

  • Pyara

    since they updated and now use resourcepacks intstead of a mod folder i have no META-INF… how do i get this to work

  • SpiderBloxCraft

    hmmm…imma download this

    • http://frownieman.deviantart.com/ frownieman

      Oh we have disqus here too???????!!!!,

      • SpiderBloxCraft

        yeah…and u follow me here ._.

        • http://frownieman.deviantart.com/ frownieman

          yeeeeep I just go on community XD

  • TheMadModder

    I like the mod, but can you make it Airship Compatible? as in when using Archimedes Airships, the block will stay the way it appears when the ship is decompiled.
    Currently a Chair facing north on a North-facing ship, will still face north when the ship is facing west or any direction.

  • Thomas Chalifoux

    IT WORKS ON 1.6.4!