J Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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This mod radically alters the way minecraft is experienced. The feature packed mod adds numerous items, blocks, tool and mobs that changes minecraft from the ground up. This mod adds so many awesome features and additions to the game that it can be difficult to cover them all. Crafting on the go in minecraft can be very difficult.

The mod will allow you to create a portable workbench that you can used to craft with straight from your inventory. Expand your bucket capabilities with a re-usable filled canister that will allow you to hold eight times more than a standard bucket. Cupboards allow you to fit double chest storage sizes into a single block for easier item management. Upgrade the standard stone furnace into iron, gold and diamond versions for almost instant speed.

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The J Craft mod for minecraft will add amethyst, sapphire, fire opal and ruby ores to the world generation. These ores can be gathered and used to make new tools, items and armor. Obsidian, normally almost useless, can now produce the most powerful tools and armor in the game. Most of these ores also produce pillars, which add a delightful touch to your world visuals. Specialized “instant” blocks allow the player to create instant food and tree farms, hut and house structures, and pools with just a single click.

On the more random and fun side of the j craft mod are items that allow you to summon rain at will, hurl lightning bolts from wands, and even construct nuclear bombs for massive devastation to your world. Oranges, grapes, strawberries and more plant life also add themselves to the game. These new plants make fruit juices and other tasty items. You can even toss grapes into a wine barrel and collect with a wine glass to get drunk!

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