iPod Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.4.7

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The iPod mod for Minecraft is a very unique app that makes things a little bit more fun. In the mod, you have a fully functional iPod with working apps that allow you to enhance your experience in the game. Highly recommend you download it, I had a lot of fun with this mod.

Making the iPod in the iPod Mod

In this mod you have to make an iPod yourself just like you would a pick axe or a sword. You get an instructional iPod that helps you with the crafting recipes for each part which is severely helpful, so you’re not just searching the web trying to find the recipe just to get started. Once you have made your iPod the real super fun begins!

The Fun Begins

The iPod mod has made the Minecraft experience better for most players who have downloaded it because it let’s you do things that you haven’t been able to before.Music AppThe music app lets you play any minecraft song at will. You don’t even have to have the headphones! So you can opt to not make the headphones without having to worry about not being able to listen to your music.Mine AppYou can now easily mine with this app! All that is needed from you is to tell it where to mine, as in -y for down and +x to mine to your right.Spawn AppThis spawn app lets you pick what you spawn and where you can spawn your item. You can get giant zombies, endermen, pigs, snowmen, etc to spawn where you stand or pick coordinates on where to spawn them which is pretty neat.Weather AppYour weather app lets you toggle the rain off and on, also toggle between night and day if you’d like. Do you like the night time? Well now, you can have the night all the time, heck even make it rain!TNT AppNow this app, is my favorite because you now can blow up stuff! Pick how powerful your bomb is, whether you want flames accompanied or not, and as well as where you wanna blow it up. If you don’t choose a certain place just clicking explode will have you exploding the area right in front of your face.Tp app (Teleport app)Teleporting app now lets you teleport like an enderman! Put your coordinates in and whoop! You teleport to that spot. If you wanna get to a different place really fast so you can go mine a certain area just go ahead and put your numbers in then teleport to that spot and get mining!

All in all this mod has made playing Minecraft just that much more interesting! You can do so many things with the apps on the iPod and it’s pretty neat. This mod has blown my mind and I hope if you download it, that it blows your mind too!

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