iPad Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time and Apple's iPad has been one of the best-selling devices of all time. This new iPad Mod seeks to give you a variety of fun and useful apps to affect the world of your Minecraft avatar. While the in-game item is called a "HoonPad," it's really just an iPad.

The iPad Mod for Minecraft gives you a HoonPad which lets you play around with several applications. Right-clicking the HoonPad brings up a miniature GUI with several apps:

  • Customize. You can change the colors of the screen and case.
  • World. You can change time and turn rain on or off.
  • Creeper. You can create a custom explosion that can also occur at a different set of coordinates than your current location. Don’t forget to click “Explode!” before exiting out of the app or there won’t be an explosion.
  • Rocket. You launch like a rocket with a programmable explosion size upon landing and peak height. You will be immune to any potential fall damage. Don’t forget to click “Launch!” before exiting out of the app or it won’t launch you.
  • Player. The only feature this gives any player is being able to see your exact co-ordinates.
  • Instant House (Client-only). You can spawn three different tiers of complete housing.* Tier 1 is nothing more than dirt blocks and a torch.* Tier 2 conjures a home made of oak wood, glowstone, cobblestone, and some glass blocks. It’s large enough to place a bed.* Tier 3 is a roofless structure made from the same components as a Tier 2 home, albeit larger.
  • Brain Teaser. This doesn’t really do anything except risk epileptic seizures.
  • Quick Menu. This lets you immediately jump to the Main Menu, quit playing, check your mods, and to open up for LAN play.
  • XP. This lets you add or subtract your experience.

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