Invincible Hamster Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.5.2

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The Invincible Hamsters Mod for Minecraft, developed by "ivories" by request, was brought into the Minecraft universe for kicks and giggles. This mod does, in fact, introduce hamsters to the game interface. They don't posses a vast array of uses, but they're adorable and obedient. These little rat-like creatures have the ability to teleport and they can be commanded to "sit" (much like a dog/wolf) and will not follow the player.

They are tamed simply using a yellow flower or a red rose.

The hamsters in this mod chew on – and eventually through – any iron bars within a ten block circle around the player.

This mod is one of those “just for fun” mods with a name that sparks just enough curiosity within the player to convince them to try it.

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