INVedit Inventory Editor for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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Have you ever struggled to manage your inventory in a way that suits your Minecraft building needs? Well, this easy to use mod can give you all the inventory control specificity that you need, giving you access to a whole new world of inventory crafting and management. It will help simplify your approach to resource management, and keep everything you need within your fingertips in both single and multi-player mode.

Craft Your Inventory

The “InvEdit” mode opens outside of your Minecraft game, but instantly accesses whatever save file you want. It will then instantly assess your inventory, and help you craft an inventory from scratch. It can also access inventory items from your game world, and lets you move them into a centralized location. It lets you stack your items in easy to understand locations, and has a simple, easy to understand interface. If you can work with a word processor, you can easily manage this simple mod.

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Bring Only What You Need to Survive

One of the best aspects of this mod, is that it lets you collate all your resources, and put it right where you need it. It also gives you the option to trash items you don’t want. Are you sick of carrying all those leaves, and bushes you’ll never plant? Simply place them in a single stack, and throw them in the trash. You can also get rid of all those dirt blocks that clog up your inventory. Place only the most essential items in your own personal inventory to avoid item confusion. It’s so much easier to find and equip your sword in the heat of the battle, if you don’t have to scroll through seven stacks of stone.

Simple Inventory Management Tools

A variety of inventory management tools and modules make it easier than ever to craft an inventory that suits each individual world need. Craft a personalized inventory using the in-built resource pool, and transfer items between individual inventories. Other resource management tools in this mode include:

Multiple inventory management, that lets you create a diverse set of inventoriesEasy item transfers between different inventoriesSaveable inventories that you can reload on new maps

The best part about using this mod, is crafting pre-made inventories that give you all you need to begin building a new world. This may not be ideal for players that enjoy the mining aspect of the game, but is perfect for players that just want to start building right away in survival mode. It also helps turn resource management into a streamlined, and even fun process. Why not download this mod today, and see how it can improve your Minecraft experience?

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