Instant Structures Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Have you ever fantasized about having a house that instantly unfolds from a cube? In the real world we're probably several lifetimes away from that technology. But it's already here in Minecraft, thanks to the Instant Structures Mod created by SimJoo. The mod features one-click installation, without the need for ModLoader or any extra software.

Once installed, the mod gives you 24 simple recipes that, when crafted, create a “magic block” which turns into a fully formed building when you jump on it!

The 24 types of structures that you can build are:

  • Enchantment Room – Essentially a small library design with an enchanting book placed in the center.
  • Giant Tree – A tree large enough to be used as a residence.
  • House – A small but nice wood-and-stone house design equipped with a crafting table, furnace and chest. Good for a small, quick home to start out on a map if you don’t have time to build (or just can’t be bothered to!)
  • Trap House – Another variety of house, but with your choice of a giant cactus wall or lava trench around it!
  • Winter House – A larger brick house covered in snow, and featuring a roaring fireplace and a random tree inside.
  • Lighthouse – A very tall stone lighthouse, but you’ll have to rig up your own light.
  • Pen – There are actually three different animal pen types, in varying sizes and materials.
  • Pyramid – A fairly tall sandstone pyramid with a torch at the top.
  • Tower – A wooden tower that sort of looks like a kid’s tree fort. There’s a spring at the bottom that vaults you to the top.
  • Farmland – Comes in your choice of melon, sugar cane or pumpkin.
  • Storehouse – Simply a large room with about 28 chests and a furnace.
  • Bunker – A stone bunker with archery slits. Comes equipped with chests containing bows and arrows.
  • Arena – A simple but large stone colisseum, with the option of an interior lava ring.
  • Prison – A stone or obsidian prison (your choice) complete with razor wire on top!
  • Rollercoaster – A small prefabricated rollercoaster track, but you’ll have to supply your own car.
  • Skyscraper – A four-story stone skyscraper with large glass windows on all sides.
  • Waterslide – Really just a large staircase with water that flows down from the top.
  • Torch Pattern – Simply a 6×6 grid of torches.
  • Mine – Creates a mine shaft that goes down to the bedrock.

You can also build an airplane, boat, balloon, or jet, but they’re just structures. None of them actually move.

Should you build it?

Though the structures are on the simple side and don’t have working machines, it’s an invaluable time-saver, especially for those who hate having to build a house at the outset of a map!

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