Instant Mansion Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Building towns and villas is one of the joys of playing Minecraft. There is nothing better than seeing your streets fill with houses, though it is a tedious process. The Instant Mansion mod is a great tool to help alleviate that tedium, or just to have an instant home to call your own.

The first is a craftable “mansion in a box”. Using common items you may find in a house, such as bookshelves and a furnace, the player crafts their mansion block. Once that is done, you dig a one-block-deep hole in the ground and place the crafted block into it. A quick right click later and you have a brand new three story home that comes complete with attractive hedges.

Inside the Mansion

The mansion is made of the second new block, white stone, which has a smoother texture than regular stone.Inside the home, players find a living room and a kitchen with three furnaces, making it a net gain from the one furnace used to craft it. The house is lit with torches, upstairs and down. The stairwell leads to a second floor with three furnished bedrooms and an outside balcony. The top floor is an attic where the third new block, black wood, is found.

The Instant Mansion mod for Minecraft is a great way to fill out your towns easily, or just to have a ready-made house from which to base your explorations.

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