Instant House Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

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The Instant house mod gives you a house that is already built. The house is made out of wood and has a table, a chest for materials that are necessary, furnace, windows and lighting to keep monsters from spawning inside the house. When using the mod all that needs to be done is right click on the ground and a house is created instantly.

Be sure to spawn the house into a flat surface. If you spawn the house on a mountain, part of it will look like a mountain. Enter the house using the door the house comes with. Inside the house there will be:

  • two furnaces,
  • two double chest
  • two crafting tables
  • two torches
  • windows
  • stone
  • ceiling
  • floor
  • wood

Right click with the mouse to add blocks and then you are able to make them quickly into different structures. Using a staff you can activate the blocks. This mod needs a Modloader. You are able to add a house that has a balcony, which comes quite in handy to be able to survive the night. The instant house mod allows you to choose different materials. Some of the materials that can be used glass, stone, wood and many more. There is also various dimension choices such as a 5×5, 7×7 and a 9×9. Once you have chosen the materials, hit the confirm button. Now you can build a house that fits your needs. Choose the size and the material you want to make your instant house. Once done, just press the confirm button. Have fun designing and customizing your house. To open up a menu where you can choose a variety of custom houses, right click the mouse. Right clicking also enables you to open a block when the curser is on the block.

Mod Improves Game play

The mod lets you create a variety of houses and you can have fun doing so. Let’s say you want to create a tent. A tent gives you temporary shelter, so that you can be safe from the monsters. The items you will need are a chest, a crafting table, a torch, a furnace and a green wool roof. The tent is a great option for when you go on adventures and you will be gone for a long period of time. There is also the ability to spawn a castle. In all of these instant houses a bed can be placed as well. There is so much fun to be had and the creative possibilities are endless. Download the mod and get those creative minds going.

Downloads for Instant House Mod 1.6.4, 1.6.2

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