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Instant Blocks Mod

Download available for: 1.6.2, 1.5.2

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The Instant Blocks Mod for Minecraft is for the gamers who don’t want to gather resources to create blocks – no, instead the blocks are ready to go. With this mod you can build a growing area, a swimming pool, entry ways and exits for mines, a glass dome and even houses… On command. You can also use this mod to fill holes – natural and accidental – with water or lava. But this feature is not flawless, if the users aren’t careful, they can flood their mines or buildings that are currently under construction… In other words, destroying them. On the bright side, this mod does offer a “suck” block, so when used in time, almost floods can be prevented. The aforementioned “suck” blocks can be found in chests and/or created. The Instant Blocks Mod saves users a lot of time and resources and is an extremely helpful tool when it comes to the lazy players.

Download Page for Instant Blocks Mod

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