Insta House Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Insta house mod for minecraft is the perfect mod for those who have difficulty in designing their own house in the game. In simple terms the mod is exactly as it says, an instant house. Just like a pop-up tent the mod will allow an easy and quick house for any player having a difficult time.

Or those who truly just want it done now.

How The Insta Mod Begin

Creating a design for a house can be difficult for many players, whether you are a newbie or experienced gamer. This mod was created to fill the need for those who wanted to play but find the starting process hard. As a place and click instant house is situated within the minecraft world any player can immediately go on their way exploring. The creators of this mod simply wanted to take the stress of an empty canvas out of the mind of gamers.

  • Brick House
  • Cobblestone House
  • Wood House

End Conclusion

As this mod has developed there are more options to the instant world now available for the crafter. Things from pools, horse stables, fountain, and a variety of house designs are now part of the mod.

The insta house mod delivers a basic structure with necessary items such as chests to hold your essentials, furnace for creating, and a basic crafting table. This design is just a simple building that will supply windows that are not fancy but sufficient for keeping out monsters. So no worries about unwanted monster spawning under your bed.

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