Industrial Craft 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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The Industrial Craft 2 mod for Minecraft is an expansive addition to the game which gives you access to an entirely new means of dealing with power generation and raw materials. There are three main additions to the game which facilitate an expanded play style: rubber trees, three new ores, and appliances.

Given the popularity and craftsmanship of this particular mod, several other mods have been written to be fully compatible with it. This lends even further utility to a mod that allows players to have new experiences from the game.

Rubber Trees

These new trees tend to show up in swamp biomes primarily. Sporting darker trunk and leaf textures, they stand out from their vanilla counterparts even more by having a taller canopy. Though they can be processed into lumber like normal trees, their main feature is their oozing sap ports. You can craft a tap that can extract this sap for use in the mod’s other features.

Three New Ores

Piling onto the new resources this mod provides are three additional ores including copper, tin and uranium. Each of the ores can be found between certain layers, similar to the vanilla minerals, and further facilitates the creation of new appliances Industrial Craft 2 adds to the game. The copper ore is found between layers 10 and 70, tin between 0 and 40, and uranium between 0 and 63 though in far less quantity.

Generators and Appliances

Putting together the new materials is where this mod really shines. There is a wide variety of power generators you can use to energize new appliances. Wind, solar, electrical and even nuclear power generators all can be crafted using various materials and output increasingly higher levels of voltage. What’s a generator without an appliance to power, though? There are many new machines you can craft to make use of these energy sources. The Macerator is one such machine in which you can put raw ores and output ore dust. This dust behaves exactly like the ore except that it creates ingots at a two to one ratio. By feeding it a single ore, you get two ingots. Another great machine is the Extractor which is used to double your sap output. This is especially necessary as the mod’s wiring system is somewhat complex and resource intensive. Using copper and sap you can create wiring with various levels of insulation depending on the needs of your power output. Generators are linked to machines this way, powering a craftable industrial complex that adds a great deal of content onto the top of the already rich experience Minecraft offers. Utilizing new raw materials like rubber tree sap and new ores, the Industrial Craft 2 mod for Minecraft has provided a much-needed level of mechanization to the game. This allows for a more interesting progression from surviving in ramshackle huts, to agricultural mastery, and eventually industrialization. The best part is that the mod was designed to scale with the player’s capability, allowing you to jump right in to the new content this mod has to offer.

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