In-Game Skinning Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The Minecraft mod of in-game skin changing allows you to easily and in the game's actual play change your skin and see the results immediately. The Minecraft mods often rely on the sometimes annoying prospect of installing and seeing the results later. With the in-game skin mod, you can see your results immediately.

When adjusting the actual skin of your player, you had to make an adjustment, load the adjustment, and then turn your character into third person view to see it visible. Often times, you have to change the camera and go through an annoying upload/load process. For small changes or comparisons from a previous choice, it is tedious and repetitive.

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Many choose to make their changes in Photoshop. Others simply load a pre-created skin and keep it. The wonder of Minecraft comes from the variety of ways to implement a mod. With the in game skinning mod for Minecraft, have Photoshop or another visual editing program open on one side of the screen, and the gameplay screen of Minecraft on the other. this way, a quick save will have you viewing your in game skinning mod immediately. From My Little Pony to Mario, to Kratos from God of War to a new creation entirely, the mod allows ease of use and immediate results- making it a quality and sensible mod for the customizers. The mod really does not benefit the gameplay internally, but it makes the options and speed of customizing much better. Anyone who actually wants to move forward with custom skins owes it to themselves to make the process easier and remove the tedious aspects that make it somewhat annoying and repetitious.

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