In-Game NBTEdit Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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The In Game NBTEdit Mod for Minecraft introduces the ability to edit entity tags without requiring the player to leave the game and is done so swiftly and simply. The interface of this mod is very user friendly. The player can allow a horde of zombies to use weapons, as well as grant creepers immortality.

Using this mod, the player just approaches a placed/spawned mob/object, look at it, and type a command in the NBTEdit text console in order to modify the entity.The In Game NBTEdit Mod for Minecraft by Davidee (code) and Pyro1997 (textures)allows you to edit any regular and tile entities by directly modifying the named binary tag values from a menu accessible with an in-game command. This mod is useable in both single player and on multiplayer servers.

Extreme Monster Makeover

View and edit every facet of an entity by selecting the values from a color-coded tiered menu with collapsable sub-sections. All you have to do is enter /nbtedit while looking at the entity to modify.

Tag names and values such as CanPickUpLoot, Health, Age, CustomName, and ActiveEffects are displayed. Each specific monster class also displays its own unique variables such as a Creeper’s fuse time and explosion radius.

Reinventing The Inventory

Editing tile entities works exactly the same as regular entities but with different values to work with. Entity and tile types and modifications possible include:

  • A fireball’s explosion power
  • An item’s owner
  • A mine cart’s force along the X and Z axes
  • A TNT’s fuse
  • An armor stand’s pose
  • A furnace’s fuel
  • Whether or not an item is affected by gravity

As the name implies, one of the biggest advantages of using the In Game NBTEdit Mod is making all the modifications without having to exit the game first. Fortunately only operators can use the command, meaning not just anyone can come onto your server and start changing things.

Downloads for In-Game NBTEdit Mod 1.7.2, 1.6.4, 1.6.2

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