iChun’s Hats Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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The ichuns hats mod for Minecraft is an exciting aesthetic mod, that allows players to be creative and wear stylish and imaginative hats on their Minecraft characters. The mod allows for the creations of hats that can be used on top of a player's head, thus tricking other players or adding more style to the way a player looks in game.

The ichuns hats mod is a great way to improve the way in which the game is played and add an extra creative element to the game itself.

Minecraft is one of the most exciting and creative games for computer and Xbox. This mod allows players to take their creativity to the next level. The mod creates an ability to make characters more thematic and creative, thus adding more flair and excitement to the game itself. players who use ichuns are able to create hats that fit their personal style and creative minds so as to provide some of the most exciting features for their minecraft community. Being able to establish a more creative world allows users to be able to establish higher player counts in servers by instituting the mod and allowing players to have a large creative control in their hat choice. This allows players to be more involved in their Minecraft experience.

Minecraft is all about what players can do. By removing limitations and allowing players to thus do more with the ichuns hats mod, players are able to be innovative and experimental in their servers. This allows players to create exciting and thrilling pieces of creation and make hats that fit largely in with their creative style and persona. Ichuns hats mod is a must have for servers that want to give their players more power and creativity. It is a must download for Minecraft players who are looking to create a more stylish look to accompany their custom skins.

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