ICBM Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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The future instills it horrible, terrible and incredibly inviting and useful power with the ICBM mod for Minecraft player use and domination. Within the seemingly contained and reserved world of strategy comes the capacity for widespread havoc and irrevocable damage to other players. The requirements to gain this mod are not easily attained, but the resulting power is well worth the effort.

With the enhanced explosive and launching capabilities of the ICBM mod, users will have an increased availability of bomb and missile strength. Within the ICBM mod are several color-coded tiers of effectiveness, range, damage and usability.

The tiers for the ICBM mod are divided into four distinct classifications of weapons. The first is a general array of explosives that have minimal range, but lasting effect. Of particular note is the shrapnel option which delivers hard-to-recover damage.

Second tier explosives include thermo weapons and launch missiles with extended range for devastating cross-map attacks. In this classification, healing is just as useful as destroying.

Third tier ICBM capabilities begin to include nuclear and biologic weaponry. Explosives can now be launched in hyper-elemental conditions, as well as, in a point-specific cellular location like the life registry of another player.

Fourth tier explosives and detonation devices involve the destructive power of antimatter and red matter. The force of these ICBM loads can change the scope of the game and the ability for other players to use their own fields for initial control and reliability on reserves.

ICBM mod explosives come in a wide variety of applications. These include block, grenade and missile forms. They can be direct missile exchanges, or patiently-planted mines and trips that take their toll as the game plays on. Consider ICBM capability to be one of the most versatile and destructive mods possible. The self-healing properties and opportunities are also extraordinary, so stay alert and use this mod with reserve.

In order to achieve the highest potential ICBM mods, continually strive to upgrade from block form to grenade form, and when the opportunity arises from grenade form to missile form. Otherwise try to have these prerequisites covered:

– all ICBM mod files to support upgrade in place– clear all mod files for incorporation of ICBM files– be fully versed in Forge and Electricity mods– directly upload ICBM from Forge selections– treat ICBM as an add-on plus installer to Universal Electricity– understand and agree to mod installer conditions

ICBM is the greatest potential weapons threat in the Minecraft universe. Use it with caution and only upgrade if you can play with all conditions met!

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