Hot Air Balloon Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The hot air balloon mod for Minecraft is easy to use and fun to play. This is not one of those specialized mods that only a few players will find a reason to use much, but it is a mod that everyone will enjoy over and over again. The hot air balloon mod gives you a spectacular panoramic view.

Mountains, oceans, and all types of terrain appear gradually before you as you move across the board. Sightseeing has never been so easy! Some players like to bring a bow with them so they can hunt from the “high ground.” Others just enjoy the view. The choice is yours.

The hot air balloon mod lets you quickly get around the Minecraft world.

With easy-to-use ascend, descend, and directional movement controls, you can make quick work of getting from one part of Minecraft to another. Take a little coal and water with you for fuel, and that is all you will need. A regular balloon can only drift north in the wind, but you can build a propelled balloon to open up all directions as options. The propelled balloon will take more fuel and will still travel faster to the north, but it is often worth it.

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