HerrSommer Texture Pack Christmas Carol for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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For all of you, that want a more realistic looking minecraft world, this is the texture pack you need. The visual quality of this texture pack is really amazing. From the maker of Herrsommer texture packs "Rustic," "Medieval," and "Herrsommer Dye," the new Herrsommer Texture Pack Christmas Carol for Minecraft brings a festive holiday theme to your Minecraft experience.

With the holidays fast upon us, it is wonderful to see a texture pack available that will help us get our Minecraft servers into the seasonal spirit. After installing this pack, you will find that your entire world has been given a marvelous Christmas theme, extending far from just your arctic biome areas.

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Rather than applying heaps of new programming and objects like many other Minecraft mods, Herrsommer’s new Christmas Carol texture pack keeps things simple by only altering the appearance of Minecraft’s original elements. However, it is compatible with all of your other favorite modifications. This means that no matter how you have chosen to customize your server, you will still be able to use this texture pack. Players can select this pack even if the server does not explicitly support it. This way, depending upon the hemisphere they are in, players can pick if they want to play in a winter wonderland or a tropical climate, such as the one seen in the Tropicraft modification.

Among the new graphical elements that Herrsommer has brought to the table with this modification are new snow textures, patches of ice, festive golden Christmas stars, snowmen with perky smiles, fancy Christmas themed cakes, high definition snowball textures, Santa Claus hats and white camouflaged armor types so that you can blend in with your surroundings.

If you are looking to get into the spirit of the season and are an avid Minecraft fan, this modification should be on your Christmas list. Best of all, it’s free. Another fine and jolly Minecraft modification from Herrsommer!

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