Helpful Villagers Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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The Helpful Villagers mod gives vanilla villagers one of three professions to expedite resource collection. They can be lumberjacks to gather wood, miners to gather ore or farmers to harvest crops. What they gather will be left in their guild hall for you to collect. You can also have them follow you, trade with them or manually change any villager’s profession by clicking on them and setting commands.

To protect them, villagers can now equip armor and a held item to make work go more smoothly and fend off enemies. The Helpful Villagers mod for Minecraft also gives all villager the same amount of inventory as a small chest, effectively making them mobile storage units.

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Autonomous and Convenient

You do not need an existing mine or farm to use the villagers effectively. Just give them the proper tools and they will get to work. Lumberjacks will cut down trees and plant saplings to maintain the wood supply. Lumberjacks are also smart enough to know not to go after any buildings. Miners will find open pieces of land outside the village and start digging by themselves in a spiral. If they detect any ore nearby, they will make a side tunnel to reach it. When the miner hits the bottom, he’ll climb out and start a new mine. Farmers will search the area for farms, harvest their fully grown crops, plant new crops and check on the farms every day.

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