Harry Potter Universe Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2

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The Harry Potter mod for Minecraft is potentially one of the most fully realized and expansive mods available. It truly recreates the dense and varied environments of the Harry Potter universe through all seven novels, encapsulating the best of JK Rowling’s fictional masterpiece. It is difficult to provide justice to how large-scale and detailed oriented this mod is.

Adventure through this universe with magical prowess, and step into the shoes of Harry Potter, blocked and Minecrafted to stunning perfection.

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Hogwarts, the Centerpiece

The modded world of Harry Potter is encircled by a majestic recreation of Hogwarts castle. Captured in all its scaled beauty and whimsy, the mod features a slew of gameplay mods which act as spells. Apparition is lifted directly from the acclaimed series. It acts as teleportation, allowing for easy transfer throughout the environment. Another spell is the magic shield that tries to mimic the attributes of the famous invisibility clock from the series. It protects players from demons, and creates an elemental shield around the player.

Night vision is another spell that can stay active for as long as players remain in the world. It lights up dark parts of the environment and allows you to navigate the tight and shielded halls of the expansive school.

Protect the School From the Onslaught

The battle mechanics are not the focus, but they allow for some riveting gameplay. The wand can summon monsters straight from the Potter universe. Players can spawn these monsters in large volumes, creating a frenetic battle environment where you juggle all your magic spells to defeat them and remove them from the ever famous school of Hogwarts.

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