Hand Sword Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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This is a very simple, basic mod, but it is nonetheless quite a valuable addition. The Hand Sword Mod for Minecraft allows you to view nothing but the sword your person is carrying and the terrain as it unfolds before him or her. That is, the Hand Sword Mod gives you a "first person perspective" as you walk through your Minecraft world.

You can still zoom out to view your person from above or from any number of angles whenever you so desire. You can also easily stop for a moment to switch weapons. Although there may be times when you will desire to exit the first-person mode, it is quite realistic and will be a happy addition to your Minecraft options.

Some of the most interesting times to use the Sword Mod include:

  • While walking up or down stairs
  • While ascending or descending hillsides
  • While sword fighting with enemies
  • While moving rapidly past panoramic views
  • While exploring the interior of buildings

This simple mod is very easy to install and absolutely intuitive to use. It is so basic that every Minecraft player really ought to have it.

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