HaloCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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Introduction To Halo Craft The halocraft mod for minecraft has to be one of the best halo mods out there to date. It introduces halo into minecraft with great detail to the original halo as far as items, such as; sniper rifles battle rifles mangooses armor new blocks A Little taste of the Halo Craft experience An easy to install and use mod that has many new blocks to help simulate the halo experience to the best it can in the world of minecraft.

The addition of this mod into minecraft sets a new experience, in this already amazing game of endless possibilities to build and stop the covenant, and adds new meaning into the game such as, a new sense of direction with what you built and how you might experience it with your friends. Spawn in the covenant and build an arena to best experience this mod to its fullest. This mod opens up so much more the the world of minecraft and being able to wield guns, and drive the mongooses, let the creativity run wild as you bring the world of halo to minecraft.

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