Gun Customization Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

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The gun customization mod for minecraft allows the enterprising Minecraft player the opportunity to craft his own custom firearms. The degree of customization includes silencers, bipods, laser pointers, straight pull bolts, foregrips, and scopes. Operating Procedures Regardless of which crafted firearm you're using, the controls for using them are as follows: Left click.

Aims weapon.Right click. Fires weapon.Ctrl + V. Changes weapon’s firing method.Ctrl + C. If the weapon has an M320 grenade launcher attachment, switches back and forth to operating the M320.

Below is a more in-depth breakdown of what sort of modifications are possible with the gun customization mod.

  • Silencer. A Silencer can be placed on a weapon so that the weapon produces no noise. Crafting one requires three Slime Balls and four Iron Bars.
  • Heavy Barrel. Simply arranging 5 Iron bars gives you a Heavy Barrel which increases the damage output of your crafted firearm.
  • Laser Pointer. Laser Pointers can be used to increase accuracy when firing from the hip. Crafting one requires Redstone and Iron Bars.
  • Straight Pull Bolts. When used with a bolt action sniper rifle, you can keep your perspective within your aiming sights.
  • Bipods. Bipods are used with Bolt Sniper Rifles, Single Shot Rifles, and Light Machine Guns. You can use the Bipod by holding the Shift key down and staying still. Bipods greatly cut recoil from firing and cancels the shaking effect when firing with the scope out.
  • Foregrips. Foregrips are used to reduce the recoil and augment the accuracy of Single Shot Rifles, Light Machine Guns, and Assault Rifles.
  • M320 Grenade Launcher The M320 can be attached to any Assault Rifle you craft. It can also be used by itself.
  • Scopes. Your options for scopes within this mod include the Reflex and Kobra RDS (Red Dot Scope), Holographic and PKA-S holographic, M145 and PK-A (3.4x magnification), ACOG and PSO-1 (4x magnification), 6x and 8x magnification Rifle, PKS-07 (7x magnification), and Ballistic (12x and 20x magnification) models. Notably all the crafting recipes for scopes involve Glass, Iron Bars, and either Redstone or Diamonds in various combinations.
  • Manual Mag Filler. You can use this to reload your weapon’s magazine. However, the Manual version takes more time than the Mag Box item does.
  • Box Part. Crafted from Iron Bars, Redstone, and a Gold Bar. The Box Part’s only purpose is for crafting other crafting boxes pertaining to firearms.
  • 40x46mm SR Frag. This is the ammunition required for the M320 grenade launcher. Crafting a round requires three piles of Gunpowder and four Iron Bars.
  • Mag Box. This is used to craft various types of firearm magazines.
  • Bullet Box. This is used to craft various types of firearm ammunition.
  • Ammo Box. Not to be confused with the Bullet Box, the Ammo Box is nothing more than a refill station for your magazines.
  • Gun Box. Five Box Parts and four Iron bars nets you this type of block, allowing you to customize your weapon’s scope and other factors.
  • Weapon Box. The most important of the new block types in this mod, the Weapon Box is what allows you to craft firearms.

With this mod installed, you can manufacture an armory fit for any sort of SWAT team, PMC, or other modern military force.

Downloads for Gun Customization Mod 1.6.4, 1.6.2

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