Gulliver the Resizing Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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This mod will allow the player to either shrink or grow themselves or other living creatures at will. Introducing two new potions into the game, the Potion of Embiggening and the Potion of Ensmallening can be consumed or used as splash potions to alter the universe around you. Drinking milk or a potion of the opposite type growth with cancel the effect immediately.

Careful attention was paid by the mod developer to make each effect have a balanced list of both awesome and annoying changes to keep the mod in tune with the game and not overpowered.

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Each potion has a default timer of regular potions, but redstone dust may be added to the potions to extend the duration of effect. Likewise, adding gunpowder the potions will change them into splash potions which can then be thrown at other players, enemies and passive mobs in the world. This effect also works on villagers. Dyes can be used to restrict the effect the potions to smaller increments, otherwise you will grow 4 times your height or ¼ of your height appropriately.

The Potion of Ensmallening requires players to hit blocks longer to break them, do less damage, be stepped on, drown in the rain and get hurt by roses. However they can use paper to glide in the air, lily pads as boats, string to ride living things, and fishing rods as grappling hooks. There are many more effects both good and bad to explore while small.

The Potion of Embiggening can automatically walk up 2 block heights, walk on players and enemies to squish them, take less damage and can pick up and throw smaller entities. However, they also cannot fit through small areas, can’t use boats or minecarts and cannot sleep in beds, among many other awesome affects.

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