Gulliver Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Players looking to spice up their Minecraft game and experience their world from another perspective are guaranteed to love this mod. With the Gulliver mod for Minecraft, players can turn into giants or dwarfs in a snap. Each size comes with its own pros and cons, making a nice balance between all the sizes.

In this classic novel, a sailor named Gulliver winds up on different islands. On one island, the natives are tiny, making Gulliver feel like a giant. On another land, the natives are huge, which means now Gulliver is the tiny one.This mod is based on the ideas from this book. With the Gulliver mod, players can change their own size, as well as the size of other mobs and NPCs. Now players can explore their Minecraft world from a whole new perspective.

Being Tiny

When players are tiny, even single blocks can seem enormous. Players must sprint in order to jump just one block high. Cats, once cute and friendly, turn into deadly foes. Chest and doors become serious challenges. The distance from your bed to the door feels like a long trek. Rainfall can feel like a flood. You are too light to set off pressure plates (though that might be a good thing).Still, there are some benefits to being a small fry. You can glide with a piece of paper, raft on a lily pad, and use a slime ball to climb up things. String works like a harness, allowing the player to ride on larger creatures. The fishing rod works as a grappling hook. Sticks and swords make good leavers for opening doors and chests. You can sneak around a more easily. In addition, small players can walk through small spaces where normal players cannot.

Being Huge

As a giant, players can travel greater distances faster and scale cliffs more easily. You are stronger, doing more damage when attacking mobs and breaking more blocks when mining. You become less vulnerable to poison and cacti no longer do damage.Of course, there are drawbacks. Giants need more space to walk through. Forests and caves become very difficult to navigate. Giants are also too big to fit in a bed, boat, or mine cart. In addition, potions are less effective.

New Items

The following are methods that can be used to resize the player.

  • Resizing Potions
  • Resizing Dyes
  • Resizing Keys

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