GrowthCraft Mods for Minecraft 1.6.4

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The GrowthCraft mods for Minecraft combines different mods to help to add a more balanced agriculture, and farming feature to the Minecraft world. Care has been taken with this mod to introduce new plant species, new harvesting techniques used for the plants, and an option has also been introduced to allow players to craft many different items, other than just using plant harvests for food.


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In terms of the core, this is a required compilation class that is used by majority of all the GrowthCraft mods to operate properly. The core allows unique mods to be used without the need for downloading compilation classes as frequently.


The alcohol section of this mod adds GrowthCraft apples, GrowthCraft grapes, and GrowthCraft hops. The GrowthCraft grapes may converted into wine, and grape juice. Meanwhile, GrowthCraft apples allow for apple juice, and GrowthCraft hops makes beer, or other alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, this mod presents the ability for juices and alcohol to be fermented, and stored in wooden barrels within a storage area.

Foods & Flowers

The apples, and grapes that are introduced into the GrowthCraft mod, while they can be fermented into juices or alcoholic beverages, may also be eaten as food. Apple cores can be planted underneath oak leaves in the game, which allows them to be able to farmed from the ground. On the other hand, there are also flowers within this mod, such as farm roses, dandelions, and others. The GrowthCraft mod makes it possible for the flowers to be harvested from the ground, among other special features.


Lastly, the GrowthCraft fishnet that is added to this mod is a new type of block. This block is a fishnet block that can be submerged, and the block will automatically capture fish. This fishnet block is a benefical addition for players with difficulties in catching fish.

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