GrowthCraft Apples Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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The "Growthcraft: Apples" add-on for the core Growthcraft mod allows players to plant farmable apples underneath the leaf-blocks of oak trees, making the apples that are normally found in the leaves of destroyed Oaks a worthwhile and useful item to hunt for. This mod adds an extra touch of realism to the Growthcraft experience by brightening the forest biome with the inclusion of 3d-rendered red, gold, and green apple blocks to the naturally occurring oak trees, and allows the apples grown through the use of the mod - as well as those already found in Minecraft - to yield plantable apple cores when eaten.

The Apples Add-On completely integrates with other Growthcraft mods, and the apples themselves can be used to make Apple Cider with the help of the Growthcraft: Booze mod.

Growthcraft: Apples is based on the vanilla Minecraft cocoa bean growth system and includes a fully fleshed-out growth/harvest cycle, offering a new use for the bone meal fertilizer item. This mod is a great way to give the players of your server a deeper level of immersion, while adding a touch of color to the forest biome and the player’s own apple farm. Growthcraft: Apples is also a great single-player mod for dedicated and newbie farmers alike. New updates to the Growthcraft family of mods are forthcoming and Apples is no exception, so don’t hesitate in trying this one: you won’t be disappointed.

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