GregTech Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The Gregtech mod for Minecraft is a mod add on to the Industrial Craft mod for Minecraft. Gregtech aims to provide balance to several Minecraft mods. It has several difficulty modes to tackle this problem. Additionally, Gregtech adds new items that work with several mods. Several of the mods in Minecraft tend to break game balance.

They make the game too easy, or ruin PVP and competition on servers. This can get even worse when different mods are combined. Since many mods take different paths to provide balance, they can create loopholes when combined. Such as one mod making coal mostly useless, but very easy to obtain. Another mod might allow coal to be turned into diamonds, or act as the basis to a carbon tech tree.

Gregtech tries to close these exploits. Its difficulty modes mostly affect whether items are easy to make, or cause machines to explode when set up wrong. This has led to some controversy as well. Not everyone wants it to take 10 times longer before building a mining laser, or to blow up all their machinery by accident. Gregtech also does a lot of work to make mods compatible. This means large mod packs all but require Gregtech to be added in.

New Additions

Those aren’t the only reasons to use Gregtech. Gregtech adds a whole new tier of items above the highest level of Industrial Craft items. Occasionally some additions make things easier. Such as a battery that provides power down to 5 eu/t. This allows tin cables to be used more. Here are some of the newer features.

  • Fusion power plants as an upgraded nuclear reactor.
  • Superconductors as a cable with no power limits or losses.
  • Wireless power transmission.
  • Lapis lazuli based battery blocks. Capacity increases as more blocks are added.
  • Quantum storage chests with infinite capacity.

There are many more items and secrets in the Gregtech mod.

Interactions With Other Mods

Gregtech changes more than the Industrial Craft mod. It affects dozens of different mods in various ways. Mostly this is limited to balancing issues. Such as changing recipes from overlapping mod items. Sometimes this leads to exploits and item duplication.

Sometimes Gregtech adds items based on other mod mechanics. A noteworthy example is the Thaumcraft mod. Gregtech adds new machines that can change aura and magic into Industrial Craft power. Some of these changes can end up making the game even easier. This is more often to happen when both mods are updating and adding new features. For example, Thaumcraft adding an easier way to strengthen aura nodes leading to easy, cheap, and consequence proof power plants.

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