GLSL Shader Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The glsl shader mod for Minecraft will have you playing Minecraft as if it was the first time all over again. This mod offers an unparalleled visual effects and allows you to play in the most realistic Minecraft world possible. You have never played Minecraft like this; the shader mod will add depth to your Minecraft experience.

Everything is more realistic with this mod, the lighting is bright and has phenomenal clarity, the world appears to be round instead of flat, and the plants move in the wind rather than sit motionless. This mod dramatically changes and enhances the appearance of Minecraft. You will not find better graphics for Minecraft than this.

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The glsl shader mod for Minecraft is fully customizable, so you can make Minecraft look however you like. For example, world curvature bends the world around you as you walk. Bump and specular mapping are some other awesome effects that changes regular 2-D Minecraft into 3-D. These effects are amazingly detailed. With these enabled you will notice is that the shadowing is based off of the sun or moons position in the sky. Depth field data allows you to comfortably focus on objects in front of you while slightly blurring the background. This naturally draws the eye to the objects in the screen that are in focus. There are many other ways to customize your experience and the possibilities are truly endless.

The great thing about this mod is that it is compatible with other mods, so don’t worry about wasted time and effort when customizing Minecraft to exactly how you like it. If you want to play Minecraft that has amazing visual effects and enhanced graphics you want the glsl shader mod for Minecraft.

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