GlassCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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The Glasscraft mod for Minecraft is a mod that allows players to create glass in more than the standard clear color. The glass is available in 16 different colors as well as 4 different styles of glass. Each colored glass block interacts with the light settings around it to provide unique color to any structure.

The first style of colored glass is built to look like metal framing. It creates a 3D cube to place; the lines of the cube are one of the 16 colors available in Minecraft. This style of window gives a very empty or open feeling to your window slots.

The second style of colored glass is just a 3D cube filled with color. These window bricks like identical to water bricks except for variation in color. These blocks filter in a tinge of whatever color you create the glass block in.

The third style of color glass is built to look like a normal glass block without the texture lines. Each side of the glass has a pale framework around it, with the color of the glass you select filling in the middle of each side.

The last style of colored glass is identical to a normal glass block with the change being to the hue of the color in that glass block. Each of these blocks has the texture lines and framework of a normal glass block, with the middle being filled in the color of your choice.

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