Gems Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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Mining can feel monotonous sometimes - all these stones and mobs to get out of the way and only a few minerals to show for it. If you want more shiny in Minecraft, the GemPlus mod is for you. Now, in addition to the regular ores, you can mine eighteen different ores and use them to make tools, armor and colored glass.


The different ores include

  • emerald
  • ruby
  • sapphire
  • amethyst
  • topaz
  • phoenixite
  • quartz
  • jade
  • citrine
  • garnet
  • spinel
  • onyx
  • agate
  • malachite
  • tourmaline
  • chrysocolla
  • jasper
  • sugilite

The art for each dropped mineral is unique and lifelike. These gems all have different properties: ores have different harvesting difficulties and some drop the gems, while others remain in ore form.

Tools and armor

Did you ever want bright blue armor or a scarlet sword? Now you have eighteen more ways to bling up your tools and armor. Besides differences in color, tools have different designs, depending on what mineral they’re made of. Tools and armor have different efficiency and hardness depending on the mineral. Phoenixite tools also have the advantage of setting mobs on fire; you can also repair them by right clicking on lava.

Colored glass and gem blocks

Ever wanted to include real stained glass windows in your epic castles? The Gems Plus mod for Minecraft makes this possible. You can use gems to make colored glass. Smelt the gem in an oven to get gem powder, then mix one part gem powder with two parts sand to get two blocks of colored sand. When you smelt the colored sand, you get colored glass.

Besides colored glass, you can also make blocks! Gem blocks are made the same way steel, gold, diamond and lapis lazuli: by putting down nine gems onto the crafting table.

Build a variety of tools and decorate your abode with colored glass and opulent gem blocks. If you ever wanted more variety in your mining expeditions, get the GemPlus mod today!

Downloads for Gems Plus Mod 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2

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