Galacticraft Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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This particular mod allows you to craft and make use of a variety of elements related to space travel. Once the mod has been installed you can add a whole new layer of gameplay involving extraterrestrial activities. The galacticraft mod for minecraft adds a variety of new items to your gameplay experience, all pertinent to outer space exploration.

A major cornerstone of this mod is the ability to craft your own functional space shuttle. However, as space shuttles are complex machines, they require a special crafting bench which is capable of more than the usual three by three crafting grid. Beyond just a shuttle, NASA Workbenches can also be used to craft a Moon Buggy. Notably, the recipe for crafting a NASA Workbench requires a normal Workbench block.

  • Spacecraft. The central gimmick of this mod is the ability to build and captain your own space vessels. Shuttles require a Nose Cone, 4 Booster Rockets, a Main Rocket, and eight Metal Panels (hence the need for the NASA Workbench).
  • Launch Pad. These floor tiles serve as a base point for placing a shuttle. However, you must place enough tiles to at least create three square tiles worth to place any given shuttle.
  • Portable Oxygen System. Oxygen is a new element which comes into play when exploring other planets. There are three different, progressively more complex recipes for oxygen tanks which each give a larger oxygen supply. In addition to the oxygen tanks, the oxygen system requires a Space Helmet and a Dual Hose Valve.
  • Rocket Fuel. One of the components for space shuttles.
  • Oxygen Distribution. In addition to the Portable Oxygen System, anyone seeking to establish a permanent fixture such as a base or space station will be well served with an Oxygen Distribution System. The mod includes components for an Oxygen Collector (when surrounded by enough tree leaves it blows oxygen into all adjacent Oxygen Pipes) and the necessary Oxygen Pipe systems. When properly filled, the Oxygen Distributor will spawn a sphere of oxygen blocks.
  • Sensor Goggles. These serve as a special, alternate perspective item. When used, enemy mobs will appear in a bright blue (useful for spotting enemies at night or on dark planets) and you can also scan for ore blocks (which appear as blips pointing no more than 3 blocks away from your head’s perspective).
  • Parachute. Parachutes are useful for landing safely onto the ground of foreign moons and planets. Further, you can color your parachute by combining it with any dye.
  • Notes

    This mod adds four new equipment slots: one specific for the Space Helmet (separate from the regular helmet spot), one for the Dual Hose, and a pair of slots for various sizes of oxygen tank. When fully configured, the avatar will show oxygen tanks connecting to the Space Helmet by way of the Dual Hose Valve.

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