Forestry Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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The Forestry mod for Minecraft is a complex addition to the game which allows for mechanization of crop production and was designed to be compatible with various other mods. Hooking into various mods common to the Technic Pack, such as Industrial Craft 2 and Buildcraft, Forestry can be thought of as an expansion to the expansions.

Minecraft is a game that, while feature rich, does become fairly routine after a while. This mod greatly increases the complexity of farming to give experienced players new challenges and rewards.

Tree Breeding

Among the many additions to the game are new types of trees. Including examples like the Arboretum and Cherry tree, these new plants are created by cross pollinating the existing saplings in increasingly complex combinations to generate over a dozen additional species. This is done by utilizing bees added by other mods, necessitating the creation of craftable bee hives.


Forestry makes use of the multiblock system in which various types of new blocks can be stacked together to create a large and complex new machine which open a whole world of options in their respective interface screens. The apiaries are one such multiblock structure in which you can house and tend to the needs of your bees. Adjusting parameters such as heat and humidity, these hives can be optimized to breed larger swarms which will more effectively pollinate your plants.

Multiblock Farms

The key feature of the Forestry mod is the inclusion of farming modules that make use of various sizes of multiblock structures for greater crop output. This effectively mechanizes the processes of agriculture, building onto the rich hierarchy of need-fulfillment that vanilla Minecraft naturally promotes. Given the high degree of customization this mod permits it would be impractical to list all of the mods and uses Forestry enables here. However, using power cables and generators supplied by other mods, you can expand the utility of you existing power structure with this mod while creating a machine that tends to crops automatically. Like the Apiary, this multiblock structure has humidity and heat parameters to optimize while also including its own unique options such as fertilizer levels. These parameters are biome specific so, for instance, if you are in a humid jungle you have need to mitigate this humidity. In a desert you would need to greatly increase humidity to optimize crop output. The Forestry mod for Minecraft greatly expands the complexity of the game for those players who need new challenges. Its ability to hook into many common industrial mods lends it a huge amount of flexibility that makes it seem less like a mod in itself and more like an expansion to other mods. It is clearly geared for technical minded players but will reward any who take on the challenge of conquering its learning curve.

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