Flashlight Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The Mod In Minecraft, a large part of playing the game is wandering around aimlessly in the dark. Everyone knows that pain of accidentally falling down a hole or being ambushed by hostile mobs while they were trying to get back to base so they can grab more torches to set up.

This mod gives you the ability to craft a flashlight that will shine on ahead of you as you carry it, bringing safety and security as you explore the depths of your mines and caves.

Torches are stationary. You can only place them in one spot at a time, and they light up a limited amount of space. In Minecraft, not enough torches can spell your demise with one unwary step. The flashlight will enable you to scour the blackest depths of Minecraft and know what’s ahead, whether it is a matter of lighting up your periphery or peeking into the depths of a seemingly endless cavern.

Shining the Light

The Flashlight Mod for Minecraft works fluidly, shining directly at wherever you point your cross-hair with just a right-click and does not cause much lag when in use and has an excellent range for which you can shine it to, allowing you to illuminate distant spots and scout for dangerous terrain and hostile mobs. It can act as a spotlight or as your own portable torch; the light smoothly flows to wherever you point it.

All New Opportunities

This mod is multiplayer compatible and opens up whole new opportunities for you and your friends to coordinate and explore in the world of Minecraft. While this mod does not entirely replace torches, this mod’s flashlight prevents you from ever having to rely on torches to do even the simplest tasks in dark areas, letting you utilize new strategies and eradicating the utter tedium of having to run back for more torches whenever you exhaust your supply. You’ll never need to rely on a limited supply of torches again.

Peace of Mind

Along with all of the flashlight’s indisputable utility, this mod also gives you peace of mind. Even if you suffer from an unfortunate stumble off an edge and away from your shaft, you will have with you at all times a light source that will prevent you from being forced to wander around lost, blind, and frustrated. Instead, you will be able to stride forward confidently and get back to the fun part of playing Minecraft. You will always be able to rest assured that you will be able to see with this mod.

The flashlight this mod gives you will allow you to fight back against the darkness of the underground when you are stranded and have no torches to lay down, it will open up all new opportunities for exploration and scouting, and it will allow you to remain secure in the knowledge that even in the worst circumstances, lost, alone in the dark, and without torches, you will always be able to see.

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