Flan’s Modern Weapons Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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Ever feel that the current weapons in Minecraft are limiting your open world experience? Are the current weapons in Minecraft too boring and repetitive to use? Then Flans Modern Weapon Pack is perfect for you. This new mod will allow you access to a creative and diverse range of weapons, inspired by popular, real-life rifles, ammo cartridges, shields, and much more!

Killing monsters with swords and crossbows is often time consuming, slow, and boring. The action of attacking becomes quite repetitive and dry after a few hits with either weapon. However, with the introduction of this new mod, you’ll be gunning down zombies, skeletons, spiders, and any other monsters you want with a variety of weapons. The original mod already makes contains weapons and parts such as sniper rifles, bayonets, bullets, different gun magazines, various shields, Uzis and similar fast-firing guns, shotguns, assault rifles, and more. It is truly an expansive, complete pack that will entertain you endlessly! Further, the mod is easily modified to make room for new weapons. Certain versions by different authors may include even more weapons. For instance, one assault rifle pack include a broad spectrum of weapons and weapon components from different countries. The CCO sight, ACOG sight, holographic sight, M4A1, M8, M16A4, SCAR-H and M203 Grenade Launcher are listed American weapons. Russian weapons include the AK-74, AN-94, AEK, AKS, etc. Additionally, a wide variety of guns from other European regions are also included, making the list of weapons and possibilities even longer!

How do you obtain or make these weapons while in-game?

To be able to access these weapons requires the installation of the actual mod and a prerequisite pack as well. The prerequisite mod is called the “Simple Pack mod”. With a search engine you will be able to find both these mods with relative ease. The most convenient method to obtain the entirety of the weapons pack can be achieved with a few recipes. Primarily, the creation of a “Modern Weapons Box” requires six iron ingots and three plant pieces. You will also require some fiberglass, which can be crafted from smelting a mixture of clay and sand in the furnace. The box will allow you to craft these weapons and the fiberglass is a central component in the crafting of these weapons.

How do these new weapons appear and how do I use these weapons in combat?

The interface of these new weapons is seamless. Like a sword or bow, the gun appears in your hand in the typical first person perspective. Bullets will leave the gun from the tip and fly into the distance. Bullets fly significantly faster and further than an arrow. They appear as black dots that rapidly decrease in size as they fly into the distance. The bullet is always fired towards the center of the screen, indicated by the crosshair. In addition, there will be a health bar that shows the current status of the enemy in the top left hand corner. Flans Modern Weapons Pack Mod will definitely spice up any Minecraft experience, making it more exhilarating. It will enliven the experience for all party members and get your adrenaline rushing as you plow through hordes of enemies quickly and efficiently!

Downloads for Flan's Modern Weapons Pack Mod 1.7.2, 1.6.4, 1.6.2

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