Fireworks Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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With the fireworks mod for Minecraft, every day can be the Fourth of July. Thanks to dedicated game players that continue to explore and expand the possibilities in creative ways, you can add a little flash to your game with this simple and customizable mod. The fireworks mod puts a fireworks launcher block in your pyrotechnic-hungry hands.

It can be triggered by right mouse clicking or through Redstone. Once you have selected a skyrocket from the folder, watch it go!

Using the Launcher

Go into the following folder: /minecraft/mods/Fireworks/Skyrockets. The library will consist of a variety of skyrockets. Rename the file Copy _Example.skyrocket and open the new file in Notepad or similar text processor. This is where any variable can be edited for personalization. Each variable has comments about the best ways to go about this for effective results. Play around and see what happens. You can create explosions of color or send a message. Once you’re satisfied with the results, save the file. Now you have access to the launcher without leaving the game.

Good Clean Fun!

While it doesn’t contribute to your game survival, a good distraction can enhance Minecraft’s entertainment value. You can celebrate New Year’s, the Fourth or anything else you choose. Or just sit around the house when you can’t sleep and have a little fun. For the adventurous, use your colored chalk to create unique and surprising patterns.

The fireworks mod does require Forge.

Downloads for Fireworks Mod 1.6.4

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