Familiars Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Ever wanted to have more than just a pet dog or cat follow you around in Minecraft? With the Familiars mod for Minecraft, players can get handy guides and minions who grant special powers and effects. This mod adds a wide range of familiars, including chicken familiars, the Companion Cube, or even your own personal Chuck Norris.

Familiars are a type of protector and companion. Much like the dog, they follow their player around and help them in battle. Unlike the dogs, they also grant unique passive and active skills, such as healing the player or preventing fall damage. Familiars in this mod are not found in the wild, but rather unlocked with experience points or achievements. Once unlocked, they can be equipped like items or armor. Using a book, bone, spider eye, gunpowder, and rotten flesh, players can construct the Familiar Guide, which provides further instructions for unlocking familiars.

Familiar Familiars

  • Fairy: stops the player from taking fall damage by slowing their descent
  • 1 Up: restores maximum health just once after dying
  • Companion Cube: grants the ability to walk on lava
  • Navi: annoying, just like in Ocarina of time, but also helpful (unlike in Ocarina of time), she bugs the player whenever diamond or emerald ore is nearby
  • Rana: allows players to jump higher while also preventing fall damage

Regular Mob Familiars

These all work like their wild counterparts, except they are friendly to the player and hostile to other mobs.

  • Enderman: At the cost of two hearts, players can teleport
  • Skeleton: Shoots arrows at mobs for the player, dealing two damage each hit
  • Ocelot: Makes the player sprint faster
  • Chicken: Slows falls and allows the player to glide for two seconds
  • Iron Golem: Fights for the player by throwing mobs into the air dealing two-five damage plus additional fall damage
  • Snow Golem: Cute, but not particularly strong, it throws snowballs at enemies dealing one damage
  • Spider: Gives the player the ability to climb up walls
  • Squid: Players can breathe underwater for greater stretches of time
  • Spider Jockey: A two-for-one deal, the skeleton attacks mobs and the spider allows the player to scale walls

Humanoid Familiars

  • Herobrine: This works just like the Enderman familiar, but looks like a clone of the default player skin
  • Chuck Norris: Roundhouse kicks enemies
  • Notch: Shoots lightning at enemies

Downloads for Familiars Mod 1.7.10, 1.7.2, 1.6.4

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