Extra Utilities Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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The extra utilities mod for minecraft adds a variety of new and interesting blocks and items to craft within the basic game of Minecraft. Among these new assets, this mod allows you to color your blocks, experiment with lighting, arrange a death trap for dungeon projects, and even establish your own automated mining rig.

These are special blocks in that they do not require a solid surface to work on; you can place them in mid-air. An Angel Block can be quite useful when you want to work on a skyward project without some form of scaffolding. They also break instantly and automatically enter your inventory when you do break them.

  • Blackout Curtains. These cut incoming light by 50% maximum and can be passed through without issue. All you require is 6 blocks of identical color wool.
  • Chandelier. These ceiling-mounted light sources provide slightly more illumination that your regular Torch or Glowstone.
  • Colored Bricks/Wood. The extra utilities mod adds the option of coloring Wood and Bricks 16 different colors. Furthermore, the coding allows changes made to one block to “bleed” into adjacent ones, producing a gradient effect.
  • Compressed Cobblestone. This item can be a godsend to those drowning in Cobblestone and compresses 9 Cobblestones into one Double Compressed Cobblestone. You can repeatedly compress Cobblestones of identical compression up to octuple capacity. It takes 4,782,969 regular blocks of Cobblestone to produce a single Octuple Compressed Cobblestone.
  • Conveyor Belt. Useful for transporting spawned monsters and/or their drops. Crawling along the tracks will prevent you from being directed.
  • Spikes. Anyone interested in recreating a level from a video game or reinforcing his fortress should find this recipe quite handy. Any spawned monsters killed by Spikes will not provide experience, but can still drop rare items. Useful if combined with the Conveyor Belt.
  • Trading Post. A trading post gives you a variety of exchange options, usually placed around a Village biome.
  • Trash Can. Got some items that annoy you to the point of not even wanting to toss them on the ground? A Trash Can will instantly destroy anything placed within it. You can also affix hoppers and pipelines to a Trash Can for remote garbage disposal.
  • Pipe Transfer System. This crafted rig involves a Transfer Node, Transfer Pipes, and Sorting Pipes. And when properly constructed, can sort what’s inserted into various pipes. For example, if you’re mining don’t want to leave the area, you can rig up a pipeline to distribute your Diamonds, Coal, Obsidian, and so forth into separate chests or even the new Trash Can item.
  • Golden Lasso. A Golden Lasso can be used to capture any passive spawned creature, such as a cow. Once captured, a creature can be given a name by placing its specific Golden Lasso on an Anvil. Releasing the animal just requires using the Golden Lasso a second time.
  • Paint Brush. Shift and right click a colored block to copy that color to the Paint Brush. You can then use the stored color to color your Wood and Brick blocks.
  • Watering Can. An alternative to Bone Meal. Watering Cans, once filled with water, can be used to quickly water your crops.
  • Given the sheer variety of playthings that this mod bestows, there’s little reason for a player not to install it.

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